• From Sebatang to Plampang I

    Last weekend, I went to Dukuh Sebatang, Jogjakarta. There were some activities there, so I joined my team and helped them to run those activities. As previously known, Jivakalpa has a social activity called Menyapa Indonesia (MI). Specifically, we help Dukuh Sebatang community to develop their education and cultural aspects. Our program, together with other 3 LPDP intakes, familiarly called by Sapa Sebatang, with our specific term i.e. Sebatang Asa (education aspect) and Sebatang Sedaya (cultural aspect). During December 18th to 20th, we had Video Framing Workshop, Gathering Night with Sebatang Community, and Outbound for Kakak-Adik Inspirasi.

    In the middle of the activities, our LPDP siblings from intake (PK) 47 and 48 invited us to come and join their MI launching at Dukuh Plampang 1. Dukuh Plampang 1 is located on the same district with Dukuh Sebatang. Their launching was held on Saturday morning and there was no urgent agenda at Dukuh Sebatang, so I asked Isma (project leader of MI Jivakalpa) to accompany me coming to that invitation. For your information, Isma and I are members of MI inter-committee. Isma has responsibility to manage MI’s social media and I have my part to manage MI’s sponsorship procedures.

    Before we went to Dukuh Plampang 1, we asked the direction from Mr Kelik and Mr Sugiman as local people. They informed us that the road was quite “challenging” and required a full concentration. Our friend, Aziz, also reminded us that we didn’t have to go there if it wasn’t necessary. He said that by according to the road that we had to take. Having these reminders, I personally got challenged and curious to prove their words. Considering the road from Jogjakarta to Dukuh Sebatang, which is quite good, I assumed that they only want to scare and joke on us. So, we still decided to go to Dukuh Plampang 1.jonathan

    The first quarter of the road was smooth. There are some turnings but the road was still on the good condition. In the middle of our way, the road started to get worse. There are some stones and muds that filled the road and it makes the road becomes slippy and greasy. There were several times that Isma needed to hold brakes and accelerate the speed just in a second. The worst part of the road from Dukuh Sebatang to Dukuh Plampang 1 shown in the picture. Half of the road was slide off and only one motorcycle can pass through. Apart from the road’s condition, the mountain view was adorable and the air was so fresh. It made the trip became not so bad at all.

    After 45 minutes in the road, we finally arrived at Dukuh Plampang 1. The launching was already started when we came there. Similiar with Sapa Sebatang’s launching, there were medical checkup, local art performances, and children’s competition. Besides representing ourselves as intake coordinator and project leader, we also represented ourselves as members of MI inter-committee. Isma did his part to report live moments at the launching (though it couldn’t be posted there due to the signal condition) and I met and talked with some sponsorship members from PK 47 and 48.

    We decided to leave the launching after attending symbolized ceremony between LPDP awardees and local community. It is officially launched both programs by PK 47 and 48. PK 47 initiated a program called Kampung Gula Semut while PK 48’s program is Plampang Cerdas. We do hope that both program can be sustainable and meet the needs of people there. Remembering the roads taken to Dukuh Plampang 1, I personally give my appreciation for both intakes. The road is just a small obstacle that they need to face, because there will be more bigger problems need to be solved. Just believe that our main dedication is given to the local community, then all barriers will be small and easy to be passed.

    Jonathan Saputra – ITB



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